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Price ¥70,000.0 Night

You can truly enjoy private space and time in our J Suite Room. This room features an island kitchen and the sense of luxury is enhanced with the marble dining table. You can request a catering service by expert Japanese chefs who will prepare tempura dishes at the island kitchen using 100% halal certified ingredients. Sophisticated craftsmanship can be enjoyed right before your eyes. There is also a balcony outside of the room. Enjoy a party and BBQ with friends and family.


Room services

  • Breakfast Included
  • Free wifi
  • 6 beds
  • 6 persons
  • private balcony
  • flat screen tv
  • AC
  • free shuttle service
Special notes, precautions (no smoking or causing trouble) The hotel does not provide alcohol or bring any alcohol to your guests.

Regular plan

¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0

2019/12/29 to 2019/12/29

¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥70,000.0 ¥90,000.0